Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sense 2.3.4 Kernel Source in our hands! Your EVO/3VO is salivating!

Well if you don't know the Android 2.34 kernel source is out there and it's making the rounds. Yeah I know a whole ton of stuff has been going on in Android and we have been slightly MIA but I'll address that shortly. The important point here is that I and Virus from TeamSynergy were chatting and what this means is that Ziggy's kernel for Android 2.34 is coming to Eternity and Synergy ROMS (of course to all the roms on their platform as well). This is exciting news for me because the versions of Eternity ROM (still unreleased) that I have had the pleasure of testing have been absolutely stunning on the stock kernel. What this means once Ziggy is finished is probably some of the best ROM/Kernel combinations the dev community has ever seen. Over the months working with Virus I have learned this guy is really really good. Better than I imagined he was..... hmmm have you guys heard of Sense 3.5...Lot's of exciting stuff to come people. A whole boat load of it.

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