Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tabletpalooza!!! Samsung and Lenovo Have A Busy Day!

There was alot of news on the tablet front today with multiple Manufacturers releasing Android tablets at the IFA tradeshow in Berlin. The tablet world is swiftly becoming crowded so lets have a look at what Samsung and Levono are doing to distance themselves from the rest.

Samsung's big tablet news today centers around the announcement of the Galaxy 7.7 Tab. The 7.7 is going to be the updated version of Sammy's original 7" tablet. They have done some serious work to update this tablet and it slots nicely in into their lineup of 8"and 10" that have already been announced or released. The 7.7 will have the first Super AMOLED Plus screen in a tablet, yes that is 7.7" of SA+ display goodness!!! It will be running Android 3.2 Honeycomb, have a 1.4GHz dualcore processor, a 3.2MP rear camera with flash as well as a 2MP front facing unit, and will be not only 7.89mm thick, it will only weigh 335 grams. The 7.7 will have full 1080HD playback, gyro sensor, flash support, accelerometer, and a really cool feature in Universal Remote functionality so you can run your whole entertainment system off your tablet!! There will be support for both LTE and HSPA+ and a 5100 mAh battery will be onboard to provide hours of use.

The Lenovo IdeaPad A1 tablet is also checking in at 7" and will check in at only $199! This tablet will not blow you away in the specs department but I have to admit for the money it has some very nice features. As stated it will have a 7" screen showing off Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It has a 1GHz singlecore Cortex A8 chip with a 3MP rear camera and a VGA front facing unit. It has both microSD and full size SD card slots on the bottom and is 10mm think and weighs in at 14 oz. Lenovo has already stated up front that this tablet will not be upgraded to Honeycomb however it does have access to the Android market unlike alot of tabs in this price range. The $199 version will pack 8GB of storage while 16GB can be yours for $249. If a nice smooth well built tablet for a small amount of money is what you are looking for this might just be the tablet for you!

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