Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sense 2.3.4 Kernel Source in our hands! Your EVO/3VO is salivating!

Well if you don't know the Android 2.34 kernel source is out there and it's making the rounds. Yeah I know a whole ton of stuff has been going on in Android and we have been slightly MIA but I'll address that shortly. The important point here is that I and Virus from TeamSynergy were chatting and what this means is that Ziggy's kernel for Android 2.34 is coming to Eternity and Synergy ROMS (of course to all the roms on their platform as well). This is exciting news for me because the versions of Eternity ROM (still unreleased) that I have had the pleasure of testing have been absolutely stunning on the stock kernel. What this means once Ziggy is finished is probably some of the best ROM/Kernel combinations the dev community has ever seen. Over the months working with Virus I have learned this guy is really really good. Better than I imagined he was..... hmmm have you guys heard of Sense 3.5...Lot's of exciting stuff to come people. A whole boat load of it.

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Tabletpalooza!!! Samsung and Lenovo Have A Busy Day!

There was alot of news on the tablet front today with multiple Manufacturers releasing Android tablets at the IFA tradeshow in Berlin. The tablet world is swiftly becoming crowded so lets have a look at what Samsung and Levono are doing to distance themselves from the rest.

Samsung's big tablet news today centers around the announcement of the Galaxy 7.7 Tab. The 7.7 is going to be the updated version of Sammy's original 7" tablet. They have done some serious work to update this tablet and it slots nicely in into their lineup of 8"and 10" that have already been announced or released. The 7.7 will have the first Super AMOLED Plus screen in a tablet, yes that is 7.7" of SA+ display goodness!!! It will be running Android 3.2 Honeycomb, have a 1.4GHz dualcore processor, a 3.2MP rear camera with flash as well as a 2MP front facing unit, and will be not only 7.89mm thick, it will only weigh 335 grams. The 7.7 will have full 1080HD playback, gyro sensor, flash support, accelerometer, and a really cool feature in Universal Remote functionality so you can run your whole entertainment system off your tablet!! There will be support for both LTE and HSPA+ and a 5100 mAh battery will be onboard to provide hours of use.

The Lenovo IdeaPad A1 tablet is also checking in at 7" and will check in at only $199! This tablet will not blow you away in the specs department but I have to admit for the money it has some very nice features. As stated it will have a 7" screen showing off Android 2.3 Gingerbread. It has a 1GHz singlecore Cortex A8 chip with a 3MP rear camera and a VGA front facing unit. It has both microSD and full size SD card slots on the bottom and is 10mm think and weighs in at 14 oz. Lenovo has already stated up front that this tablet will not be upgraded to Honeycomb however it does have access to the Android market unlike alot of tabs in this price range. The $199 version will pack 8GB of storage while 16GB can be yours for $249. If a nice smooth well built tablet for a small amount of money is what you are looking for this might just be the tablet for you!

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Amaze 4G is Amazing

We recently reported on the upcoming HTC Ruby which will become the Amaze 4G on T-Mobile here , now thanks to a recent leak by our friends at TmoNews we can confirm alot of specs and show you some nice pics.

The Amaze 4G shows that HTC learned some lessons from the Sensation. The Sensation was accused of being laggy in ways that the Evo 3D was not and most will attribute this to the large RAM bump the Evo 3D received. The Amaze 4G is hitting the ground running as HTC is not a company to make the same mistake twice. The Amaze will feature a 4.3" QHD display at 960x540 resolution. The processor is a beefed up 1.5GHz dualcore processor which makes this the most powerful chipset HTC has shipped so far. The phone will have Android 2.3 and Sense 3.5 and an 8MP camera around back. The RAM has been bumped to 1GB and the Amaze will have 16GB of internal storage. No release date is known at this time but the phone looks to be a monster and I for one am loving the rounded corners. Stay tuned and for now enjoy the pics from Mr Blurrycam!

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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Droid Bionic Already Rooted!!!!

The Droid Bionic is one of the most eagerly anticipated phones this year and Verizon customers have been waiting a while for this one( cough, cough Verizon!). Some have been worried that the Motorola locked bootloader would not allow the use of aftermarket software on this phone but it seems those concerns can be put to rest. is reporting the good news that the recent Droid 3 exploit not only roots that phone but allows root access to be achieved on the Bionic too( the # symbol on the screenshot above means root has been achieved)!! The exploit worked on a number of Moto phones so it seemed only logical to attempt it on the Bionic as well, the only question now is how safe and secure the root access is. That will have to wait untill everyone gets their hands on the phone on September 8th!

  • 4.3-inch 540x960 qHD display (meaning there's no 4.5-inch screen here)
  • 1GHz dual-core processor
  • 8-megapixel camera with 1080p video capture
  • Front-facing camera that'll likely be of the VGA persuasion
  • 16GB internal memory
  • 16GB microSD card preinstalled
  • 1GB RAM
  • Webtop apps similar to what's found on the Atrix
  • MotoPrint support for wireless printing
  • 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot support for up to eight devices

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Amazon's Tablet Seen in the Wild!!!

The rumor's of the impending release of Amazon's tablet have been all over the Internet lately. The story is that this tablet will be very nice but will absolutely beat a certain price point and bring tablets to the masses. HP eat your heart out! Now one has been seen and touched in the wild by TechCrunch's MG Siegler and what he is reporting is very interesting to say the least.

The Amazon tablet he handled will come in a 7" size which looks to do battle with the upcoming Nook Color 2. The 7" will be released and if it is successful they have a 10" version ready to follow. The tablet is very similar in form to the Blackberry Playbook and will feature a multitouch screen and no capacitive buttons. The tablet will be running Android, only it will not be the tablet Android we know and love. It will be a heavily skinned version of Android prior to 2.2 and will not receive updates to Gingerbread or even Honeycomb. It seems Amazon is taking open source literally and is not working with Google at all on this tablet. There is no Android market app since Amazon is using its own app store in place of this( However my question is how will all the apps made to run on 2.2+ perform?) The tablet will also seamlessly integrate all sorts of Amazon features such as music on the Amazon Cloud Player, books on Kindle and movies on Amazon Instant Video. The OS is thickly skinned and like the Nook Color doesn't feel much like Android at all, which might not be a bad thing the only question is how user friendly it is. Updates to the OS will come directly from Amazon and will not have anything to do with Google.

MG Seigler thinks that the tablet will have a single core processor and 6GB of internal storage. This looks to be a very interesting experiment for the consumer. We have seen the Nook which is also running Android become pretty popular as a somewhat tablet replacement when ported to run the Android app store. Now Amazon is going to bring us a tablet at a $250 price point that will not look like any Android tablet we know. It will not update when Google tablets do and it will not feature the Market we know and love. It will however be supported by one of the biggest sources of Media out there and seamlessly integrate Amazon music and movies and come with a free upgrade to Amazon Prime. What do you guys think, will it be worth the risk? Sound off in the comments and let us know!!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Touchpad has landed!!

I was one of the lucky ones that managed to somehow score a HP Touchpad during the firesale for a low low price of $99. Then the wait began. First Amazon cancelled a bunch of orders but I was still safe. Then when it was about to ship Hurricane Irene blew through and all mail in my area stopped! So finally today my HP Touchpad arrived. I know alot of people are saying why buy this tablet and what are you going to do with it now?

I have been wanting to purchase a tablet but with a nice laptop and a Android phone it is hard to justify spending $400+ on a tablet. However $99 I can definitely handle. Now I have a 10" tablet with a dualcore processor, front facing camera and Flash support. Yes there is no rear facing camera but who is really running around taking pictures with their tablet? And yes HP has walked away from webOS so further support is sketchy at best, although rumors are floating around of Samsung being interested in the OS which could make things interesting. The Android developer community however, is not going to let this tablet go quietly into the night and that was a big reason in my purchase.

RootzWiki has an entire team working on porting Android to the Touchpad( it helps that is is running the internals as many Android tablets) with the plan being to first get Gingerbread up and running and then jump on the Honeycomb bandwagon. Then the big news, some of the greatest minds in Android the team behind CM7 have thrown their hat in the ring and are working hard at getting Cyanogen running. They even have a video showing the tablet booting up but that is about all. I myself am a big fan of webOS so I would love a dualboot option where I can keep both OS's on the tablet. Stay tuned as I will be writing about my experience getting my Touchdroid up and running!!!

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