Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Androidians You Are All A Bunch Of Show Offs!

My Own Screen Shot


While still Editor in Chief at Android Creative Syndicate I collected some screen shots from folks promising to show them off to the masses. If you are one of those people then I have finally made good on that promise and I want you all to take a look at our page and see how I intend to continue to display what makes Android so great. Customization people. We can make our phones more a part of us. No one can dictate to us what our phone looks like or what sort of functions it has when we unlock them. Take a look at the slideshow above. It is a few of the better submissions I received. If you do not see your screen shot and you sent it to me I am sorry. A lot has gone on since then. Kindly resend it or say hey dude you left me out and I want to be up there. Fact of the matter is you Androidians are just a bunch of show offs. :)

More to come people I'm working hard to make our blog a unique experience.

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  1. theres some really nice shots in there, nice work peeps