Thursday, August 18, 2011

Google Fixes Some Privacy Issues On Google Plus Games! (we had a little to do with this)

As you followers of me on plus may know we here at Androidian Revolution took our complaints about the permissions on Google plus games. I was able to discuss this in a public thread HERE with the Google engineers in a constructive way. Now they have come out and actually kept their promises to us from the  thread. Lead Product Manager of Google Games and Mobile Punit Soni told me:

Supporting multiple modes in games/systems is complex and not that trivial. However, Its a worthy goal and your feedback is heard. We have just started and its early days still. We are committed to being transparent and ensuring our user's happiness and privacy.

And boy did he keep his word. Today The following changes were made to the way games work on Google Plus.

Some of you have asked about revoking permissions from a game that you don’t want to play anymore. It’s now a little easier to do this.

- Click on the menu at the bottom-left of screen where you are playing the game
- Clicking on “Manage permissions” takes you to where you can revoke access

We hope this simple change makes you feel more in control while playing games.
Please keep telling us what you want from Google+ games, and expect us to keep making playing on Google+ even better!

I just wish Google had given me a little credit for putting the issue up front where it belonged but if you check the thread I linked out and are article here. You will see what I mean. Guys we did it and this again is another piece of evidence that we can change stuff around here and we should when it doesn't meet our needs and violates are basic right to privacy. The Internet can be both open and safe and making this case is one of the primary purposes of Androidian Revolution. Now on to the next fight.

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