Friday, August 12, 2011

Jkeene Reports:Something Big Coming From Samsung August 31st!!!

A short time ago the president of Samsung Mobile JK Shin announced that the fabled Galaxy S 2 will be arriving here in the United States in August. Rumors have run rampant about the phone and who will get it first. Now it seems we might finally get an official unveiling. Samsung has just sent out invites to an event in New York City for August 29th. The invite does not specify what will be announced however in the picture there is a II graphic in the lower corner which could very well be alluding to the GS II. Just in case you didn't know the Galaxy S II will come with a dual core processor, 4.3-4.5" Super AMOLED Plus screen, dual cameras and a thin sexy chassis. This announcement is following the same pattern Sammy used to announce the Galaxy S series. Since the phone will be dropping on all major US carriers by having a large event they can unveil all the phones at once. Stay tuned and mark your calenders, something big is coming the 31st!!!

Via/photo-Android Central

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