Monday, August 29, 2011

The Nexus Prime To Be Verizon Exclusive named Droid Prime???

Verizon for the Win!!!!

After breaking news yesterday on the soon to be announced Samsung Galaxy S II 4G LTE it seems that this phone had more secrets to reveal. To the heartbreak of many Verizon customers the announcement was made that Big Red would not be picking up the Galaxy S II. The reason given by Verizon corporate was the lineup of upcoming releases had no place for the GSII. Well now the real reason for this decision has been reveled and it will be worth the wait! Read on for details.

The Galaxy S II LTE will come with a 4.65" Super AMOLED Plus display, 1.5GHz dualcore processor,Android 4.0 Icecream Sandwich and 4G LTE radios. These specs match up very closely to what we know about the Nexus Prime and now for the big news! Not only is Verizon getting this phone but they will be getting it in October and it will be a Verizon exclusive!! Rumor has it that the phone will be branded the Droid Prime however this is certainly not fact yet. First off the Droid Bionic is releasing very soon and Verizon does not make a habit of dropping multiple flagship "Droid" branded phones that close together. Second is the fact that this has long been rumored to be a Nexus Device, calling the phone the Droid Prime would make it a Verizon exclusive(and we know the ICS Nexus will be on other carriers). Maybe there is another Nexus device lurking out there? More likely we are jumping the gun on the name of this phone and it will settle out to be the Nexus Prime. This phone will be packing some serious specs and looks to do battle with the Iphone 5 on Verizon since they will be dropping at about the same time. With both of these phones both Verizon and the customers win as they will have the pick of the best the Android and iOS has to offer right now. The real question for us Verizon Android users is will this phone bring us the stock Android experience (which if it is a Nexus device it should be stock android) or will it be skinned in Touchwiz and crammed with the usual Big Red bloat? Here's to hoping Big Red leaves this phone in its stock Android state. Either way it looks like all of us on Verizon will get the first crack at the very best that Samsung and Android have to offer this year and that should make for some very happy campers in Big Reds camp!

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