Wednesday, August 10, 2011

HTC To Make A Huge Announcement Tomorrow What's Your Best Guess?

HTC Promises Big Stuff Tomorrow

So HTC has come to say that tomorrow they will make a game changing sort of announcement. Whenever this happens lot's of speculation always begins. I have heard it would be the HTC Design 4G already. Why would the equivalent of the next generation EVO 4G be even news worthy at this point? I don't even know. Is it the Puccini? Would HTC call a meeting to show a tablet we already have specs on etc? Perhaps but I don't really think that's what is going on here. Now would HTC call a press conference to show off a phone that may be running Ice Cream Sandwich? I think they would.

HTC is promising "big stuff" tomorrow at 8:30A.M. pacific time. Want my thoughts? I think there is something quite "prime" under the wraps. I also believe that the cloud aspects of Sense will be something truly worth touting. We have known a long time that a gaming service from HTC is on the way. One things for sure. Either way I'll be waiting to hear and will have all the info on that announcement for you as always.
I am Kidromulous after all. Cut off the T.V.'s folks the Revolution will not be televised.

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