Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Samsung Staying One Step Ahead of the Apple Patent Troll!!

I have been covering the ongoing Patent battle in Europe between Samsung and Apple here on our blog and today Apple got a major push. A judge in the Netherlands has ruled that Samsung as violated one of the patents that Apple is claiming, namely patent 2,059,868. This patent has to do with the photo management system and gallery scrolling. The judge has hereby banned sales of the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and Ace phones. The good news in all of this madness is that the judge did not feel that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 violated any of the patents Apple claimed it did and the sales of this device will not be blocked. Now this sounds like the end of sales of the Galaxy phones right? Wrong! Unlike the ban in Germany the Netherlands court ruling gives Samsung a chance to respond. Sammy is going to keep selling phones just as fast as they have been and will simply push out a software update that will change the photo gallery scolling system just enough to stay ahead of the Apple Patent Troll. I am sure that Apple will come up with something else but with the Dutch judge declaring that a large number of their patent claims are invalid they will have to think up another plan for attack.


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