Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Samsung Reveals New Phones and Naming System

With IFA rapidly approaching Samsung has leaked both a new naming system for their phones and a whole crop of devices with Gingerbread goodness. Read on for more.

Once of the big issues with Android is name and device confusion. When the average smartphone consumer walks into the store they are greeted with a multitude of devices with all levels of performance. Samsung is seeking to reduce this confusion with their new system. Here is how it is shaping up along with some upcoming phones.

First up is S class. The S stands for Super Smart and will include Sammy's top tier devices such as the Galaxy S II and phones from its popular Galaxy S series.

Next is the R class. Royal/Refined is the adjective assigned to this class and will be a premium balance of power, performance and quality.

The W (Wonder) class is next on the list and will be high quality strategic models. The upcoming phone in this class is one of the more impressive. The Galaxy W will sport a 1.4GHz processor, 3.7" screen, Gingerbread and will be preloaded with Samsung's social and music hubs.

Following the W class will be the M(Magical) class of Galaxy phones. The M Pro will be geared towards young professionals. It will sport a 1GHz processor, 2.66" screen, Gingerbread, 5MP rear facing camera w/ front facing as well. The M Pro will come with Exchange Active Sync and CISCO Mobile and WebEx support for business use. It will also have a full QWERTY keyboard and optical trackpad for ease of use.

Finally there will be the Y (Youth) class. These phones will be aimed at young people and will carry entry level specs. The Galaxy Y will have an 800 MHz processor, 3" screen, 2MP camera and WiFi. It will come with a range of social applications preinstalled and Swype keyboard for ease of use among today's youth. There will also be a Galaxy Y Pro with full QWERTY keyboard for those who prefer this form factor. It looks like Samsung will be dropping all kinds of Android in the upcoming months so keep your eyes peeled for this crop of phones!

Picture Credit-PC World

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