Thursday, August 18, 2011

Evo 3d Updates with New OTA 8/18/2011

Well it's here the OTA that is needed so you can unlock the phone via HTC's web site. But this also brings you many other things.

But first if you are one of the few that is S-off already do not take this OTA. There is a rom already made for it. As well as zip image files for you to flash the new Radio and setups. There are many fixes including the upgrade to Android Version 2.3.4.

Here is the link for the first Rooted Rom and also the Flash image files for radio and other goodies.

I have flashed the ROM, and Radios. They work great. As a bonus it now also brings Native Screen shots. You just hold the power and home key and it will take a screen shot.. Nice. I give thanks to xHausx for the very fast work he did in getting these out.

Here is what I did and it what order:

1) First Backup all your important data and info. I use My Backup Pro (Root) from the Market. It works great and it's free.
2) Downloaded the and checked the MD5.
Note there is also a dedoxed version. Both will do the job.
3) Downloaded All 2.08.651.2 Firmware Minus hBoot.
4) I booted into recover (TWRP) and did a nandroid (Backup).
5) I rebooted into my present rom. Once back up and running using ES Explorer I renamed the Image file.
6) I rename the firmware file from to I make sure this file is in the Root of the sdcard.
7) Now I rebooted into the bootloader. (I use quickboot) from the market it's free.
8) pick bootload, it will check your sdcard, find the PC86IMG and ask you if you want to apply it. I said yes.
9) After this I rebooted into fastboot. Then picked recovery.
10) I then did a phone wipe (completely) you may skip this by just clearing Dalvik and cache. But I did not want to take any changes.
11) After that I flashed the rom.

After reboot and putting my info back on. It was all working fine. The market downloaded all the apps and installed them. I then recovered my data and any missing apps from My Backup pro.

This rom is fast and works great. Note Google Chat does not have the Video chat enabled.

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