Sunday, August 7, 2011

Xoom gets SD card support finally with Android 3.2

SD Card Support... Better Late Than Never

It's been long over do and its one of my biggest gripes with the Motorola Xoom Android tablet. No sd card support. Well now users finally have access to the sd card with the new Android 3.2 update HTJ85B. I am now facing the dilemna of choosing a new tablet so the update may be right on time for me however it should be noted that Asus Eeepad and several other tablets have supported external memory from day one. The sd card works just like the internal memory and there is no need to mount the card which helps tremendously by keeping the other functions of the tablet fully operational while the user transfers files. If your moving a movie over and the rest of your data is unavailable it can be a major inconvenience especially if your a multi-tasking fool like myself. (i note the 9 or 10 tabs I have open in chrome right now).

The other feature of note is the zoom feature which makes an attempt at re-sizing applications that were not designed for tablets. This at the cost of screen resolution and of course will work better depending on the application. So what do you guys think? Asus Eepad, Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Motorola Xoom? What other tablets are catching your eye? Help me decide and we will post the un-boxing for you right here. More to come. Excelsior!

Photo above is from Droid Life


  1. I'm keen on the Galaxy Tab 10.1 personally. If I had the money to spend, that's the tablet for me as of right now.

  2. Jhustson456 I'm actually leaning toward the Eeepad for now the 10.1 was my first choice but the proprietary cables and ports Samsung requires kind of turned me off. That's one vote for the 10.1 though. Thanks J!