Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rotten Apple?? Jobs And Company Lie Through Their Teeth

Has Apple changed Court Documents to Shut Down sales of Galaxy Tab??

We have been covering the case of Apple and its patent war against Samsung on our site here. Now a Dutch site Webwereld has potentially uncovered evidence that may blow this case wide open!

The whole case against the Galaxy Tab rides on the fact that Apple claims Samsung has copied their ipad 2 design. In German court this allows the plaintiff in the case to hold up sales until a hearing has taken place without the defendant even knowing about the case filing. The evidence that Webwereld has unveiled is that Apple's lawyers have changed the dimensions of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in court filings in order to make it seem more identical in shape to the ipad. In the papers submitted the Galaxy Tab's aspect ratio is listed as 1.36 which is very similar to the Ipads 1.30. However in reality the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is much narrower with a aspect ratio of 1.46. This means a difference of 8% and would make the Galaxy Tab 10.1 look much wider then it actually is. If this evidence is true that Apple and its legal team will have some serious questions to answer and Sammy may have just caught a serious break!!

The Revolution will NOT be Televised!

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