Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Hits Keep Coming for Apple!

Apple has made it a point to strike back against its Android rivals recently with the biggest blow being against Samsung. The Samsung 10" Galaxy Tab has been blocked from being sold in Europe due to a court filing by Apple in German courts. This filing was not without controversy. A Dutch website soon reveled that Apple may have falsified the sizes of the Galaxy Tab in the court filing to make it appear closer to the size of the Ipad. This would mislead the judge to believe that Samsung may have ripped off the Apple design, hence the tablet blockade. It seems Apple just hasnt learned their lesson!

Apple=Dimensions Troll???

Once again the Dutch website Webwereld has released pictures of the Apple filing with the dimensions of a Samsung device not matching real world specs. Apple as filed to have sales of Samsung Galaxy S phones stopped and in the documents the Iphone is pictured side by side with the Galaxy S. If you look at the picture something might strike you as funny. Yes both of these phones are the same size in the picture. In real life however the Galaxy S has a 4" screen compared to the iphone's 3.5. The Galaxy S is also 7mm taller and 2mm wider then the iphone. Yet somehow in Apple's pictures they are exactly the same. Also one more thing to point out, the Iphone is shown with its homescreen while the Galaxy S is shown with its app drawer open. This once again makes the phones look more similar then they are. If this leak is correct Apple is filing misleading documents to get a leg up against competitors. Using patents to slow up other companies is one thing but this should really get Sammy fired up. Stay tuned for who strikes the next blow in this heavyweight bout!!

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