Friday, August 12, 2011

ShabbyPenguin does it again! ClockWorkMod for Samsung Replenish

ShabbyPenguin Cranks Out Mods Like ClockWork....

Well well well what do we have here. ShabbyPenguin has been cranking away at the Prevail/Replenish line of Samsung phones for quite some time now and since we used to be teammates I had the opportunity of following the development of his work quite closely. Shabbymod 0.9 is just huge on the Prevail and lets just say a little birdie told me that 1.0 is on the way. The same little birdie chirped of that being flashable with ClockWorkMod once the kinks get ironed out. Anyhow the issue at hand is the build of CWM for the Replenish and it's just about fully functional. Dalvik wiping and and USB are busted for the moment but fixes are on the way fast. Since it's based of hroark's Prevail build of the CWM these dudes will likely root out the issue (no pun intended) and it get it fully functional in no time. Knowing Shabby like I do you can count on this guy. He is one busy Penguin. Hit this link up and head over to the OP for more information. Don't forget to thank ShabbyPenguin I don't feel I'm being to forward by asking that you hit the donate button. He's got a little penguin to feed after-all. More to come folks.

The boss here but a cool one...

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