Monday, August 22, 2011

Team Synergy Zeus Mods in Action! New Synergy Nightly for EVO3D!

If your like me you have the development forum of your handset bookmarked. Last night TrevE showed us what he had done with the Ihtpf69's Zeus mods on YouTube and now he and team synergy are giving us a look at what it's like live. We're talking about the most popular thread on XDA right now here people and there is a reason for it. Of course we'll be giving you a full review in a few here, but the ROM is just killer. Oh, and look for our TeamSynergy interview coming soon, where we will get into some of the other projects these guys are working on. Our graphics department is proud to be working on the post headers for these releases and if you don't know these guys have more goodies coming, and I mean fastball. No question Synergy is win. Below the awsome GIF showcasing Zeus status bar mods is a link, get on over there and check it out 3VO'ers. You won't be sorry. Have fun flashaholics.



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