Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The New Girl's Best Friend Is The HTC Bliss

A phone dedicated to the female you say? For the average female, this phone is exactly what they are looking for. Small, quaint, wallpapers and apps that are pink and feathery. The HTC Bliss is to come to Verizon in a few choices of colors unlike the standard black/grey that the majority of Android devices come in. Still unclear if this is device will hold a 3.7-inch or 4-inch screen but it will come with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and HTC Sense 3.5 with a processor running at 800MHz. Now for the tech savvy female who isn’t in it for the looks of a device, but the quality and ability to perform at the highest of standards, you might want to just wait on the fourth quarter. And as a tech savvy female I don’t see the appeal of this phone. There is rumored schedule release date of October 14, but we’ll find out what HTC really has up their sleeve for this device at their event on September 1.

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