Monday, August 8, 2011

Star Legends Beta: The Adventures of Kid an Engineer

Star Legends Impresses

I was one of the lucky folks not on Verizon to be invited to play in the Star Legends beta and I just want to to revisit this now that the game is widely available for play and thank Space Time Studios and say what a blast I have had thus far. Though My Engineer is still not at level cap, I have seen quite a bit of the game and it's game play elements. Spacetime has raised the bar on mobile mmo's and yes I have played Chaos and Order. In fact I have played it on my EVO 3D even though that game does not officially support the EVO 3D. Chaos and Orders worst trait is that it is made by Gameloft. I don't know who makes the decisions over there but they are one aggravating individual in my honest opinion but back to Spacetime and their awesome game.

To me the challenge in any MMO game on a mobile device is to get all those elements from the big screen down into a small package. This can be a daunting task if not down right impossible to do well. Spacetime has managed to do this in a big way. The chat elements can be aggravating but simple emotes and the option to add presets sort of rectifies this. The game seems a bit easy at first but as your rise up in the levels it gets increasingly difficult and you need a good group to make good progress.

Lots Of Quest To Keep You Busy
There are plenty of quest to get you some levels fast and they reward you with some pretty excllent gear both as a reward for completing them and as drops from the various mobs you have to zap to get there. My class of choice of the three (Commando (tank) and Operative (DPS)) available was Engineer. Engineer is your classic healer class and to make this a little bit easier Spacetime realized that targeted heals would be almost impossible and blessed the Engineer with a group heal. The thing an Engineer has to do to keep his party alive is to time his heals so that he doesn't run out of energy to cast them and to keep his buffs up. Don't despair healer class lovers the Engineer is also a formidable damage over time class as well and can even be effective as a soloist in certain locales. As we move closer to a final release i will return to this game again and again. I advise it for any gamer with an Android device. In it's current state it is easily one of the best games on Android.


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