Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Samsung adding Cyanogen Creater to Design Team!!

The writing has been on the wall for a while now. Cyanogen has one of the most popular phones and Samsung is obviously a fan. I say this because not only is Samsung a big supporter of the aftermarket community, they are the only manufacturer to take the big step of sending pre-release phones directly to the developer. Samsung delivered Galaxy S II phones to TeamCyanogen before they were released in America so they would have a jump on getting CM7 goodness on to the phone. Now that is what I call aftermarket support!

It seems Samsung liked what it saw as Cyanogen founder Steve Kondik announced on his Facebook page that he is Samsung's newest Software engineer. Steve is very excited for the opportunity to use his ROM skills in the real world but was very clear to state that this job will NOT affect CM7 which he will still be on board for. In an interview with AndroidGuys he stated that he will continue to code for CM7 so no worries everyone benefits from this move! Touch-Wiz looks like it is in for a serious upgrade!!!!


The Revolution will NOT be televised!

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