Friday, August 12, 2011

Where's Your Market Share? Android That's Where!

Ok so we have covered the recent patent trolling of Apple quite closely of late. First we released a real popular article about Samsung Galaxy Tab in Europe HERE then we put out a wonderful opinion piece letting you guys know just what the Revolution thinks about the likes of Steve Job's HERE in a Patent Troll Named Apple. I think it's time we took a hard look at the reasons for these things. Why suddenly have companies with more money on hand than the federal government begun teaming up with the oldest monopoly known to man Microsoft to come after an open source platform like Android. The answer is simple, Android is destroying them. Last year this time Android had a mere 17.2 % share of the market. I was still using a Palm Pre for my daily use phone and was eyeing Android after having one on the side. I myself has recently decided the iphone sucked and tossed it in the trash can. (true story). So when you consider that in 12 months that market share has ballooned to 43.4 % it becomes more obvious what's going on here.

RIM (research in motion) is being decimated by Android. Nokia has almost been wiped out by Android. Apple has actually seen a slight increase in overall market share but it does not take a genius to see that this is because of the increased popularity of the smartphone due in part to Android. If you go into these stores what are they likely to try to sell your grandma.... an iphone. 40.9 was Nokia's market share this time last year it is now 22.1 %. RIM had 18.7 % this time last year and were top dog. They now have slid to 11.7% and are struggling for relevance with iphone 5 on the way. Together the Windows Mobile and Windows Phone 7 only have 2.5 % of the market.

So there it is in the numbers folks and those numbers are not likely to change. Forget iphone 5 for a moment. How long will it be before we see iphone 6. Probably a year. So consider that in that years time we will likely see over a dozen new quad core Android phones. Yes I said quad core. 3-D display will be probably on half of them. The problem with the competition is their development life cycles are too long to make a product that will only be outclassed by new Android devices within a month of release. This is why Apple has long ago given up trying to have phones with superior specs. Now they want to use price point as a bludgeon. This is why Apple and their nefarious consortium are trying to tack a 65 $ tax on all Android handsets using patents. I will go on the record saying that this will fail. The justice department is already looking into this patent thing. Odds are it wont even succeed in Europe where it is far easier to get this sort of thing to work. Android is dominant simple as that. It's a shame the competition just doesn't put their heads together and come up with something new instead of trying to patent the rectangle touch screen device or even patent the patent and I'm not making that up. They are actually trying to patent the way they file patents.... I've said it once I'll say it again. The competition should innovate not litigate..... That's my rant. More to Come folks.

I Got This And I brought Android With Me

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