Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HTC trademarks Enamor and Rhyme

I'm one of those reporters who sort of hates to speculate but Engadget has reported that trademark filings have revealed two new HTC devices the HTC Enamor and the HTC Rhyme. These trademarks will cover smartphones and tablets which could be a bit confusing which is why I say speculation would be pointless. The applications will also cover the software and hardware end of the deal making easy to ascertain the the Rhyme device will be one of the line of devices utilizing the Beats By Dre acquisition. You can read more and watch a promo video for Beats By Dre's partnership with HTC HERE. Sounds interesting and when more details come available I'll try to post them here as always.

Good to start the day with some news from HTC but there is more.....

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