Friday, August 19, 2011

Rumor Mill: Now Network Lives Up To It's Name Get's First Galaxy S II

Well well well what do we have here folks. My personal fav carrier is rumored to be the first to get the mighty Galaxy S II. If you have not heard (we reported it here) that the Sprint Galaxy S II will be branded the Epic Touch. This was bad news for fans of the OG Epic's hardware keyboard but I'm proud to be one of the first journalist to report the so called "Epic II" would actually be the Galaxy S II. Anyhow, August 29, is the big day where things will be unveiled regarding this monstrous series of phones and the rumor has begun that Sprint's Epic Touch will be coming to market on September 9th. That's a full month and some change ahead of T-Mobile's Hercules variant coming October 26 th. Good news Sprint folks. The Now Network always tends to live up to it's name with first... first to 4G anyone.

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