Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kidromulous Reviews:Showdown ROM for EVO 3D

HelicopterShowdown For The Win!
It's been a long time coming. Thousand of visitors this week. Getting the graphics and web design thing going. T- shirts and apparel and etc. What I do however is write and I have been waiting for a few days to get this review on this awesome ROM from XDA developer HelicopterShowdown. I guess this is more of a closer look than a review because I'll tell you right of the bat this ROM is my favorite for the EVO 3D. First off the kernel allows for stable overclocking up around 1.85 GHz and that was one of the things I found most appealing about it. This with undervolting boot and after about a week of use the battery life on it was just awesome, 7 or 8 hours of heavy use for me easy. The ROM comes equipped with the Gingerbread theme and extended quick settings menu that includes media volume and brightness for your convenience. Their are long list of features that I will list for you after the break but let me take a moment to talk about the hallmark of this ROM. Showdown is fast. I know people tell you this all the time and I've heard more than once the EVO 3D is fast out of the box how much faster could it be? Seeing is believing, flash this bad boy. It is FAST. The kernel is just amazing with several speed tweaks dubbed miscellaneous by developer HelicopterShowdown. Also there is the option of a second kernel that has a different configuration. The voltage is upped and CFS is modified. Conservative is default for speed and battery as well. Overall this ROM will knock your socks off guaranteed. I won't be flashing anything else for a long time. Mama always said if it ain't broke don't fix it. Best ROM on EVO 3D and I have frankly tried all of them. More to come from the Androidian Revolution and let's hope there is more to come from HelicopterShowdown.
AndroRev Review System Scores:
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  1. App Testing: Extensive App testing using High end Asphalt 6 3D  and N.O.V.A. 3D, Google Plus, Plume and YouTube as well as Camera responsiveness over several days. Score 4
  2. Launcher Responsiveness: The ROM was very smooth and it's performance in the launcher department was probably the best feature of Showdown. Very slick. Score 5
  3. Battery Life: 6 to 8 hr average with moderate to heavy use. Score 4
  4. Sound Quality: Decent but not exceptional. Score 3.5
  5. Browser: Browsing experience was excellent on both Stock and Dolphin H.D. passed all test. Loaded pages quickly and efficiently. Flash video was good. Fairly snappy overall. Score 4
Overall Score: 20.5 / 25
Quadrant: 2616 set on performance and clocked at 1728


Dude who writes stuff
We are AndroREV WE are!

Showdown ROM
-extended quick settings
-gingerthemed from multiple diff theme parts (Thyrus) + a lil of my own
-Tether, Flash 10.3, Facebook, news, and GoHome added to /data
-advanced shutdown menu (dont use hot restart)
-wifi scan upped to 90
-increased dalvik size
-panoramic camera
-almost completely debloated
-green overscroll glow
-crt animation
-clock removed from notifiction tray
-gpu accel home
-3d tilt display setting
-zipaligned apps n frameworks plus zipalign /data on boot
-hacked hotspot
-increased boot speed
-hacked flash for hulu
-boosted browser render speed
-unlimited browser tabs
-HDMI sans DRM
-adjusted media profiles
-ringtones set to my liking
-tweaked animations for quicker transistions
-5mb mms hack (caulikin)
-updated market
-blocked ads
-custom wallpaper defaulted

ShowDown Kernel
-patched to (stable long term!)
-bfq sched added and defaulted
-VR sched slightly tweaked
-undervolted! MOAR batteries
-increased GPU memory
-overclockable to 1.8ghz (tons of steps added) (m-deejay)
-conservative governor tweaked and defaulted
-lots of code cleanup and fixing
-Jhash 3 added
-limited to 384-1188mhz on boot (use setcpu!)
-kernel optimisations
-miscellaneous battery and speed tweaks
-increased boot speed

ShowDown Kernel2
-upped voltage at 1.83ghz
-conservative defaulted (modified for speed and battery)
-configuration edits
-messed with CFS a bit


  1. Ty sir. I was concerned that people would think I was biased or blowing smoke. I been flashing ROMS and covering Android a long time. I'm a serious journalist. It's just the best and that will probably tic a few people in the community off but the truth is the truth.

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