Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Download: Google Updates Android Market Brings Big Changes

Get Your Market Here Folks!

One of the things I love to see updated is the Android Market and though several notable changes have been made since it made it to version 3.0, now we have some of the biggest changes yet with the addition of the plus one button. Now if you really love an app there is an another way to give it the thumbs up than writing a review that is likely to never be read by anyone. What you may be noticing is Google is making an effort to proliferate the plus platform and the plus one button across the web and backed by Google Search that is no small thing. New security features are another big change as one can now add a pin to their market account. Several design aesthetics have been added as well: new icon, and click to read permissions. Hope you guys enjoy you don't to go any further than the download link below. (taking care of my folks at work right now!)


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