Sunday, August 14, 2011

Official Seal and Other Announcements

I Need You Guys
Thanks to a good friend of mine Kailash Sankar I now have an official seal that I will be using for Androidian3VOlution gear like t shirts and hoodies and I've already promised out a few hoodies so I am glad I was able to get this done. I am proud to present a new look for the site as well. I think if your reading this you have noticed what we have done with the place and I really hope you have enjoyed it. I have been busy this weekend doing things that if I put them together in words would sound cliche' but quite literally fighting for freedom. A free and open web for us all. I have been trying to coordinate my efforts and pull together all the right talents to make something really big happen and with that I have a few announcements:

Our facebook page is a go and we need as many likes as humanly possible. For now is still the way to reach me but we will be using the fb platform to organize for petitions and things we have coming. Please head over there and hit that like button for us each and every one of you. The Androidian Revolution Facebook page is HERE!

I need a couple bloggers and I would really like a lady with some free time and some Android knowledge to jump on board and give us the female perspective on all these things going on in the world of Android. I also need someone who likes to make videos and maybe an app reviewer or two. It's not a pressing need and we'll work out the details when you contact me. again and if your not on plus you will need to be anyway so i'll pass on you for now.

Finally I present to you our new seal and I would like to thank you.. Our first week was huge. We need more support guys were using the methods available to make it right now so we need your help check our support panel on the right. We will continue fighting if you guys need ANYTHING that you can think the Revolution can help you with let us know. We will do all we can.. Be Blessed and again thank you.

We are AndroRev WE are

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