Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[ERA] eh06 unnamed v1.1 for Samsung Epic is Live! (updated 8/17)

eho6 deodex base for Samsung Epic 4G is available for download thanks to the ERA boys. I suggest you hit the download link below and get over there to check it out. Details below. Big thanks to Kevin Mullins for letting me know. Come and get it!!!!!

I AM Kidromulous


Eg22 plus kernel - Chris41g
Wifi scan set to 5 minutes
Auto ZipAlign at boot
Auto Converts to EXT4
Pre Rooted
Ram tweaks
Sdcard speed boost
Custom boot and shutdown animations– optmsprim2
Nexus S Ringtones, plus a few more –
Journaling off by default
Kick ass red theme huge thanks to deano0714
kick ass stockish theme thanks to acer
No Batter fully charged Pop Up MOD - amosher13
Call Log Mod - Mammon88 and Randy_T
Reboot option –
Go Launcher –
Ad blocking –
Volume Hack –


• Added Hotspot Hack
• Added Volume Rocker Mod
• Fixed Updater Script
• Fixed Boot Ani on Stockish
• Added SGS dock audio fix
• Replaced Black Market with Stock
• Removed W_installer


RED thank you deano!!!
Red helix boot and shut down
8 lockscreen mod
1% battery mod
CRT off animation
Red overscroll glow

STOCKISH thank you acer!!!!
Green helix boot and shutdown
8 lockscreen mod
CRT off animation
Mint overscroll glow

• Flashplayer
• Amazon App Store
• SetCPU
• Spare Parts for root
• File Explorer
• Go Launcher Ex & notifications
• G+ app
• Dolphin HD Browser

On SD Card:
• Andy-86 calculator
• Blacked out Handcent
• Blacked out XDA
• Swype Beta installer
• ChainFire 3D
• Wifi & Wired Tether


• Market not searching for apps.
• Thats all im aware of, if you find one, please let me know

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