Monday, August 15, 2011

Google Buys Motorola For 12.5 Billion Did I Not Tell You So?

Okay so I'm feeling really great this morning. I said it on the record what Google should do to end the patent dispute.. That's exactly what Google did, buy out Motorola. Now that I've made that call I will tell you that Google WILL not turn to handset manufacturing competing with Apple directly. People are jumping their guns. This is about patents and tablets not phones. Early reports are Google will remain open and Motorola will continue to Manufacturer devices as an independent entity under Google's control. Larry page says: "Many hardware partners have contributed to Android's success" and again "it will work with all of them to deliver outstanding user experiences." End quote... blah blah blah it's the patent portfolio Google wanted and its egg on the face of Apple and Microsoft who payed almost 3.5 Billion for patents while Google got a whole corporation. The oldest OEM in the world. As I have stated previously the patents are a treasure trove and this is the best thing Google could have done for the Android Community and they did at a premium price. I honestly believe Google will not shift the Android business model or the ecosystem in a major way. We shall see. I would bet on me... after all I did get it right on this one.

 August 11th.....
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If Google were to just buy Motorola their patent issues would be over.


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