Sunday, August 14, 2011

Back Off Apple! HTC Recognized For Global Design Leadership

So with the lawsuits and mud slinging going around right now when i saw this I had to recognize that it was pretty big news. HTC has just been recognized for global design leadership. I have articulated many times why HTC is my favorite manufacturer and the fact that all my daily use phones will be HTC's for the foreseeable future. The awards that HTC brought home at the International Design Excellence Awards or IDEA were:

HTC Droid Incredible was given a Gold Award
My beloved HTC EVO 4G was given a Silver Design award despite being about 2 years old
and the HTC Legend was given a Bronze Award,

HTC you guys absolutely deserve it. Even if you can't stand the HTC design then you have to recognize what the EVO 4G did to change the way smartphones are made. While Apple is suing everybody aren't they about to release an iphone with a "hummer" screen? Lets sue em!

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  1. Apple is going to sue HTC for taking "THEIR" award.