Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HTC Strikes Back, Sues And More on Apple's Bad Week

Well if you don't know I got a lot of props for saying that Google should buy Motorola and their patent issues would then effectively end only to wake a few mornings letter to the news that Google had indeed bought Motorola. I'm not psychic I just watch what's going on and make assessments. Well trust me there is no coincidence that HTC has now sued Apple for patent infringement (cue laughter here) in the wake of the Motorola deal. HTC is seeking triple damages for willful infringement of three of their patents. No big deal right?, this is just part of the game I sue you you sue me back. WRONG. HTC has a very good claim here that not just the iphone but the iphone, ipad, and MacBook all infringe on existing HTC patents. Since the Apple claim against HTC is just bologna it looks like Apple might have serious issues here. Especially with Google poised to defend HTC and other Android manufacturers against Apple's bogus claims.

Truth of the matter is in the dispute between these two companies in July, HTC was granted a win on two graphics related patents and Apple was granted a win on two patents for data detection and transmission.
HTC then said, lets talk about this. Google said, let's buy Motorola. HTC says, lets sue the crap out of them (Apple). HTC is suing now for Integrated Interface on PDA and Wireless Systems and Multi-Point Communication and Method for Orderwire Modulation . Keep in mind HTC is no spring chicken and actually created some of the first touch screen devices (Palm Treo 650 anyone?). So Apple may actually end up paying some of that hard earned cash they are taking from zombies who buy their products. Has anyone considered that Microsoft may be actually laughing at their so called partners in Cupertino. What do you guys think about this? I'm sure there are some Apple people trolling around who would like to comment as well. The comment box is below have at it.

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  1. I think it's about time apple takes a blow. The block on samsung was a load of shit, and i ear there is some grumbling with the xoom as well. I think google said it best with "all this about patents is gumming up innovation "

  2. Excellent analysis and insight once again.

  3. Thank you very much zachoma. tarver yes it was a bunch of bull and we also reported on that here. Ty for both for reading I have been waiting on the day we can finally stop anti competitive practices directed at Android and I think that day is upon us.