Wednesday, August 24, 2011

EVO 4G Update is Rolling!

My beloved EVO 4G. The whole reason I'm so in love with Android today. She has been neglected of late but alas not any more. You may have heard today 4.53.651.1 is available. Of course if your rooted you may just want to wait for these fixes to be ported to the ROM of your choice but in the meantime lets have a look at the changes and fixes in the update:

  • Images in Picasa will no longer appear cut off
  • Image size issue when transferring over blue tooth has been fixed (bout time)
  • Group contacts are now in alphabetical order as they should be
  • No more out of memory unable to send SMS fails 
  • Voice Recognition Accuracy now works with voice search and voice to text as it should
Well let me dust off the good ole EVO and see whats up. More to come we got some great stories coming today.

We are AndroREV WE are!

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