Tuesday, August 23, 2011

AT&T Owners Get Ready for Some Android!!!

So we know that Samsung has leaked a large roadmap of the phones coming up this year here. However, now if you are on AT&T you are about to get a preview of the rest of the year, and it looks like a good holiday season! There are the usual crop of Windows phones that noone will buy and Blackberry's that don't matter anymore combined with ALOT of Android. So lets take a look and see what is in the pipeline.

First up is the Samsung Singa which lines up to be AT&T's version of the Galaxy S II, labeled the Attain. The other Sammy device should be either the just leaked Impluse( the first 4G LTE phone on AT&T) or the leaked Galaxy Series slider that we say a while back. Next up to look at is a Motorola phone labeled the Fuath. A few weeks ago pictures and this name popped up in a leak for the Atrix sequel dubbed the Atrix HD. The Atrix HD looks to be a brother to the fabled Droid Bionic and will have a curved glass HD display, larger screen, 8MP camera and 4G LTE as well. There are a smattering of Pantech and Huawei phones which could be low to mid end phones. However don't forget the Pantech leaks from earlier in the year show one of their phones packing the same chipset as the Evo 3D so don't count out a Superphone. All in all the Holiday Season will be very merry if you are an Android fan with AT&T!!

Atrix HD

Samsung Slider

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