Friday, August 12, 2011

Droid Bionic Spotted In Verizon Store

So if you haven't heard then good you heard it here first. A Motorola employee has been spotted with the Droid Bionic in a Verizon store. The insanity did not stop there!

Oh yeah and I almost forgot the lady had a lap top dock to go with it and she was even reportedly doing speedtest. This is a really gimmicky way to leak your new handset but I digress. Motorola hasn't gotten a whole lot of attention lately. What's with the lap top dock idea anyway? Why bet on that when people are toting tablets around? Anyway just thought I'd share.

More to come
By the way i got these pics via email. Don't bother me about sources. Free Information yee God's of Android journalism.


Via Phandroid

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