Friday, August 12, 2011

Jkeene Reviews: Altered Beast ROM for Droid Charge

The last ROM review I took a look at the GummyCharged ROM, which had a very clean stock look to it. Lets head to the other end of the spectrum with DroidXcon's Altered Beast Alpha 5 ROM. This sexy ROM is about as far from the stock look as you can get!

Altered Beast is a EE4 based ROM that was actually the first ROM to drop for the Droid Charge. DroidX and Team Androphiles have been hard at work to bring the ROM up to Alpha status. Altered Beast is fully deodexed and debloated. It has been fully themed by DroidX and Gunnermike, everything from Androphile wallpaper, notification menu, dialer, keyboard, status bar and shutdown animation is custom. The list of visual mods added in is awesome, from the Dark Angel USB mod(pictures below) which just blows me away to the dark themed market. These additions go a long way to put this ROM above a lot out not just for the Droid Charge but for any Android phone available. Also bundled in with the ROM is a functional HULU app, Voodoo Control, Battery Mod, and alot of carbon fiber backgrounds!!

The ROM comes with a fully themed AOSP launcher with custom icons from DroidX himself. Some very nice screen transitions are thrown in not to mention the removal of just about all of the Samsung TouchWiz brown that reminds me of something that I can not repeat here. DroidXcon was nice enough to bundle imnut's awesome overclock kernel in with his Odin package so all your needs are taken care of. Not only will your Droid Charge be more stylish it will be lag free with the addition of this Voodoo kernel. I have not personally experienced any issues with this ROM on my phone. So look him up on the web kids and flash away. Trust me your Droid Charge has never looks so sexy!!

1. Altered Beast handled every game I threw at it, including Samurai II without a a hitch. Email worked just fine and apps such as Google+ and Tweetdeck gave me no problems. The camera however had more then one force close so I am giving AB a 4 out of 5.

2. AB comes with a themed AOSP launcher that was smooth but a little slow for me. Launcher Pro took are of this real quick and gave me a responsive home screen and very smooth and fast 3-D app drawer. Very nice, 4.5 out of 5.

3. Battery life on this ROM is nothing short of amazing. It should be noted that I am in a 3G only area. With everything like email and Tweetdeck set to push with normal daily use( a couple of phone calls, lots of Google+, and web browsing with some Stupid Zombies thrown in) I routinely got 11-13 hours out of my Charge. I have to give this a 5 out of 5!

4. As far as sound goes with headphones plugged in sound was great. Using the phone's speaker for Google Music and YouTube I noticed a reduction in volume. Under normal use this was not a problem however sitting in the breakroom with multiple conversations going on, I was unable to get Youtube movies to play loud enough. 3.5 out of 5

5. The stock browser on this phone was laggy for me and a little slow at rendering graphics intensive pages. Flash video worked just fine. This didn't make it unusable but was annoying at times. I replaced it with Dolphin and had no issues at all. Pages loaded quickly and flash video gave me no problems. 3.5 out of 5.

Overall the ROM scored a 20 out of 25 total.
Quadrant-1598 with speed at 1.1GHz


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