Friday, August 19, 2011

Exclusive: Someone Is Getting All Your Data And We Know How To Stop Them!

Well well well we just found out all your data is going to an Amazon server if you updated to the new 2.34 EVO and Sensation users. How long you use an app, What app you are using, The fact that you are rooted, the location you are using it from etc etc (without QIC) is being uploaded to an Amazon server un-encrypted. How's that for security? However thanks to Synergy team developer TrevE users of Synergy and the upcoming Eternity ROM from Virus will be secure against this obvious infringement of your privacy. What is HTC up to? And furthermore what other manufacturers are using similar methods? One thing Trev pointed out was your warranty can be voided immediately. They know you are rooted! The repercussions of this are astounding and frankly I am proud to be breaking this story with all of the work I have done here recently speaking out when I find are data being wrongly horded and used in nefarious ways. Kudos to TrevE and Virus for showing me this and helping the community find a way to put a stop to it. This is an ongoing game people and it is the aftermarket guys like Team Synergy and even journalist like myself who are a pretty good line of defense when crap like this comes up. They have your IMEI they know your location from the cell towers in hex and they know you are rooted. The best way to defend yourself is by rooting and flashing these guys ROMS period and that's a win win. Top of the line performance and defense against heinous invasion of your privacy.

for technical details including the nefarious code you can go HERE. The user behavior logs and other info are right in the thread of our sister site

The Synergy team and Revolution for the win... oh and when your using Synergy ROM and Eternity ROM this is what HTC will see..... Beat By Team Synergy. Jokes on them. I'm certainly laughing.

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  1. Marvin strikes again, good work.

  2. Ty sir I am Kidromuluous :) its what we do. We owe virus and trev a debt of gratitude