Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pulled Across Europe

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has been pulled in every European country except the Netherlands. The ban from  Marketing the Tablet has come after the Regional Court of Dusseldorf in Germany found that Sammy had indeed violated Apple's patents and infringed on the design of the Apple ipad 2. The bad news for Samsung is that it only takes one European court to find in favor of Apple for the ruling to apply all across that continent. It has also been reported that Samsung will have to pay heavy fines in the amount of 220,000 Euros for each violation. With that kind of bread on the table you can expect Samsung to be fast about the appeals process.

Is this just the next step in the ongoing dispute between Apple and Google's Open Handset Alliance partners. Keep in mind that this battle is really beginning to heat up in the handset arena as well with suits and counter suits galore. What do you guys think? When will this thing end and isn't it that Apple is just upset their latest innovations are being trumped by Google's partners. I for one think they are wrong to fight this battle in court but should fight in retailers like Best Buy where they are losing the battle. They should innovate not litigate. More to come on this subject. 



  1. I hate, note, HATE Apple and that turtleneck wearing spazoid Steve Jobs

  2. LOL me too some dude from my google plus actually made a wall paper out of the last line. thought that was interesting.