Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Want HTC Puccini And So Should You! Surnamed Jetstream on ATT

Well let me first say PocketNow is one of the best spot on the webs for Android leaks and info and they have done it again today announcing that the HTC Puccini will be called the Jetstream on AT&T and on top of that they released some screen shot leaks. Why do I love idea of the Puccini so much? It's going to be the baddest tablet on the planet with a dual core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon processor. Yes we reported yesterday that the Quad Core Kal-El rocking Eepad 2 is otw but Puccini is much closer at hand. The screen shots reveal a new interface and and version of Honeycomb that has some Sense elements. Now I know some of you are not fans of the Sense UI but I happen to love it and think it will be marvelous on a tablet. A lot of folks think there is no room for HTC in the tablet game and even have claimed the Puccini is doomed to fail. I tend to disagree. I believe the tablet game especially regarding honeycomb is still wide open. The Xoom didn't do it and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is a case of bad timing in my honest opinion. The specs will just be dated by the fourth quarter and Puccini might give us something to cheer about as we wait on the next generation of Tegra 3 tablets. It is after all a 10 incher with a dual core 1.5 Snapdragon GHz processor. Look for it before the end of 2011. Me personally ... I cannot wait.

via Pocket Now

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  1. Meh, I really wish there was more not tied to a dang carrier. This could be something I would buy, but there is 0 att service is my house. I had a Wifi Xoom and loved it, but sold it cause I needed the cash, and am looking for something new and not tied to a carrier.

  2. Oh i wont be buying an ATT branded phone or tablet ever in life. We are awaiting the wifi only version that will undoubtedly come.