Monday, August 22, 2011

Wait just a minute Zeus Mods in Infected ROM Eternity...

Happy Birthday To Me
So my dude Virus just hooked me up. Yeah I turned 33 today (yawn) and though its not because of this gloriously boring occasion Virus hit me with my dose of nightly goods. So I know you guys seen the Synergy Zeus Mods that Synergy modified (originally by Ihtpf 69)  in their nightly. Well Virus has baked them in with his incredible (yet still unreleased save to a select few) Infected ROM Eternity for EVO 3D. I know, I know i tease you all the time with this stuff. Guys trust me it's worth the wait. I do share what I can with you here and there will be a ton more to come on the other spot where we resides...  anyhow hear are the goods for ya!

Trying to figure out why were still awake
We are AndroREV WE are1

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