Sunday, August 21, 2011

Beats By Who? Eternity ROM To Bring Sound Tweaks And More!

Well if you don't know this I am testing Infected ROM Eternity from developer Virus of TeamSynergy. What Virus had done is simply incredible and I have been testing the 2.3.4 version for several days. What we have now is quite spectacular and I am waiting right now for an update zip that will add several key modifications to the ROM. Now as to the above headline. One of the things I received in my daily flashable zip was audio modifications. Nice ones. Bass boost and clearer overall sound that was just incredible in my Sony NR headphones. It was such a boost in audio quality that It begs the question what is coming with the Beats By Dre acquisition. Don't worry good people I will have far more in-depth coverage on this shortly when Virus hits me with a final list of changes and mods of which there are hundreds. He is one of those guys who believes it's the little things that count and the more of those little things he adds something pretty freaking big emerges. I needed something to brighten my day and listening to Cat Power in my Sony NR headphones on my EVO 3D was just what I needed. Especially with these amazing sound tweaks. I don't want to say too much but Virus is making changes in about every aspect of the ROM. I don't even have to say its as smooth as butter do I... or that the battery life is excellent? Or that it's a gorgeous gorgeous ROM? Give us a minute folks there will be much more to come both here and at

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