Sunday, August 7, 2011

HTC For The Win!

HTC is up to big things. Today you may have read that they are planning on releasing 8 new smartphones over the next 90 days which begs the question what do they have up their sleeve. I have long been a fan and have of course covered the company formerly known as High Tech Corporation. Way back in 1997 HTC was a little known mobile computer manufacturer founded by Cher Wang and Peter Chou. Initially known as High Tech Corporation, the Taiwan based company designed some of the world’s first touch screen wireless hand-held devices. HTC began by manufacturing handsets based on WIndows Mobile Operating system with their then partner Microsoft. The first Microsoft powered smart phone came in 2002 followed the next year by the first 3G Microsoft phone. A little known fact about HTC is that one of their first products was the Palm Treo 650. HTC joined the Open Handset Alliance, an amalgamation of manufacturers and network operators, who’s mission statement is to advance the Android mobile device platform. The opening salvo in the barrage of Android handsets to come was the HTC Dream aka the T-Mobile G1, the first Android phone. HTC has grown tremendously since changing the primary focus of their company to Android and both the corporation and the platform have grown quite a bit.

Fast forward to this year and you have a company that has had phenomenal success and just continues to blaze a trail to the top of the worlds smartphone manufacturers. Just look at the figures in contrast. Last May (2010) Then manufacturer reported 18.82 billion dollars in revenue. This year that figure ballooned to an impressive 40.62 billion dollars. This is before the HTC EVO 3D and HTC Sensation, phones that have enjoyed huge sales figures even came to be. This leaves us begging the question of what does HTC have up their sleeve now? With recent acquisition of Dashwire a cloud based services company for a reported 18.5 million dollars we know the evolution of their Sense custom overlay is a huge part of the plan. With SGS II coming HTC will have to come up with a heavy hitter to continue the trend of financial gains and being a fan I cant wait to see what they got for us next.

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